Things that ABSOLUTELY WON’T HAPPEN on the Series Finale of Boardwalk Empire

Things that ABSOLUTELY WON’T HAPPEN on the Series Finale of Boardwalk Empire

  1. Nucky takes Lucky Luciano and Meyer Lanskey out for horse diving and cotton candy on the boardwalk.
  2. Margaret takes over running The Old Rumpus
  3. Nucky and Lucky Luciano literally play an hour long chess game to determine who controls Atlantic City
  4. Gillian sneaks out of the sanitarium to post on an internet forum in the 21st century
  5. Joe Harper turns out to be the final D’Alessio brother and has been out for revenge against Nucky for the slaughtering of his family in season1.
  6. Dr. Narcisse enlists Gillian’s help to pick out just the right dresses to accentuate J. Edgar Hoover’s figure
  7. Mike D’Angelo gives van Alden a proper burial with Sigrid crying her eyes out at Nelson’s grave
  8. Nucky and Margaret have hot passionate make-up sex.
  9. Al Capone receives conjugal visits from Sigrid in prison
  10. Arnold Rothstein faked his death to get away from his wife Carolyn and we see him backstage at an Eddie Cantor show drinking milk and betting on which theater productions will succeed or flop.
  11. The series ends with Daughter Maitland singing Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’” while Nucky and Gillian enjoy veal parm at Chef Vola’s
  12. Eli and June reconcile and decide to move to Norway
  13. Nucky and Margaret reconcile and decide to adopt a 5 year old Fidel Castro while living in Cuba
  14. Al and Ralph Capone give up the business to become lifelong barbers in Park Slope sending a decoy to prison in Al’s place.
  15. Esther Randolph literally runs naked through the pages of the US Constitution (still holding out hope for that one)
  16. Nucky tells Gillian that he misses the good ol’ days when it was just Gillian and Gyp trying to kill him.
  17. Young Nucky and Mabel adopt young Gillian and move out of Atlantic City rendering the entire series as something that never happened.
  18. Mabel decides to bake something during a decent time of the day instead of in the middle of the night for a change.

To be continued

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