A Man Awakens to a New York Morning

Author’s Note:  I haven’t tried to write a poem in a while. I thought I’d take a crack at it. Hope I didn’t do too poorly.

“Awakening to a New York Autumn”

This city wreaks of inequity
And every time I wake up with hazy eyes
It provides yet another reason for
Fate to rake me over the coals

You live, you breathe, you work,
And where does it get you?
There is real life somewhere, I’m sure of it.
Perhaps somewhere in Iowa or in Oklahoma
Maybe solace has escaped to those places

Here there’s just rust and decay
Coal miners dressed in casual jeans
And autumnal green jackets unaware of their occupation
Unaware of the filthy air they breathe – we breathe.

We fight, we toil, and fold into tiny consumer pegs
Finding comfort in super market aisles
Worshiping at the altar of a cashier line
Hoping the next face we see will offer smile
Knowing that it almost never happens

We distract ourselves to escape the reality
Of the doom that awaits us, the finality of death
The cunning sword that sweeps past us as we
Dance on the graves of our fallen comrades in arms
Desperate in prayer, waltzing towards the void.

I find my only comfort in her smile
I recall her voice and linger in the gracefulness of her walk
The murkiness fades
And the freshly fallen leaves lend an artistry to the pavement

The bleakness lifts
And it’s because she’s here in the world
Out there somewhere – unwittingly causing the sun to shine

And I wonder whatever happened
To the decaying urban landscape .

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