Podcast Discussion: Netflix Original Series – GLOW

Anthony Venutolo and Jack Lugo are joined by TV critic journalist Vicki Hyman (Anthony’s former partner in crime during his news days) to discuss the new Netflix original series ‘GLOW’

Our panel discusses why this female driven “dramedy” may just be the breakout hit of the year. Starring Alison Brie, Marc Maron and Betty Gilpin, ‘GLOW’ explores the relationships between its female characters in quite a refreshing and empowering way.

Anthony, Vicki, and Jack take a deep dive exploring the elements of this show that appeal to each of them and how this show compares to other programs. We also discuss why we think Netflix’s business model seems to have garnered so much success. This podcast does contain SPOILERS so please beware if you have yet to complete the series. So grab yourself a beer, pick a seat close to the ring, and listen as our panel manages to “body slam this podcast.”



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Podcast Discussion: Netflix Original Documentary Nobody Speak- Trials of the Free Press

This episode, Anthony Venutolo and Jack Lugo talk about the Netflix Original documentary “Nobody Speak: Trials of the Free Press.” The new documentary takes a close look at the lawsuit stemming from the Hulk Hogan sex tape and the ultimate downfall of Gawker Media including several individuals responsible for that publication.

There are also broader implications that go beyond the surface of this case that the documentary chooses to highlight with varying degrees of success. Anthony’s 20 year experience working in newsrooms as a writer and web editor lends him a unique insight into some of the events that drive this documentary as well as many of the current relevant topics involving the media today.

This may be a complex and, at times, divisive topic, but we hope you find our observations of interest nonetheless. Grab yourself a drink (perhaps make it a double) and listen as we discuss this controversial yet fascinating topic involving the media, the First Amendment, the right to privacy, and how all of these issues converge in our complex society today.

Editor’s note: Anthony was having temporary mic problems that should be fixed by the next episode.


The Leftovers Finale Discussion (SPOILERS)

In the latest episode of the Pop Culture Juke Joint podcast, Anthony Venutolo and I discuss the series finale of The Leftovers on HBO.  This was an incredibly brilliant series that explored the nature of belief and spirituality in quite an original way.  If you followed the show, please check out our discussion. We hope you enjoy it.  We do discuss some SPOILERS just to give a heads up.

Faded into the Wind

Maybe it’s the way her hair falls upon her shoulders or her Irish eyes dancing across the twilight on a windy Brooklyn night. Her soft cheeks brace themselves for the bitter cold air but the impact once she’s outside doesn’t hit her the way she thought. Her lovely brown eyes stutter awake while the ground livens upon each of her steps. She sees no one however much I wish I was there to greet her. The smile I wish was for me is reserved for the spectacle of life before her. The breath she inhales shares nothing in common with the air I breathe. It’s been years since I’ve seen her but as much as I long to see her face again, I’m faded into the wind. If her smile lingers for just a second longer than it would otherwise have lingered; if her eyes glance upon the clouds for just a moment in a daydream daze, then who is to say I wasn’t there and who’s to say those moments weren’t a lifetime shared? If only I had the courage to hold her hand as I walked with her after the show had ended. It’s something the wind could never do.